Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of the internal organs, blood vessels and bones. A water based gel is applied to the skin prior to the examination and sound waves are sent through the skin to the underlying organs. As the waves are reflected an image is then produced. Ultrasound is a painless procedure and does not use radiation. All examinations are performed by Consultant Radiologists and the report is available on the same day.

An ultrasound is used in diagnosing musculo-skeletal disorders. We have five Muscular-Skeletal Consultant Radiologists, providing a variety of treatments such as autologous blood injections and dry needling for tennis elbow. Dynamic ultrasound is used to diagnose frozen shoulder.

Abdominal, gynaecological, urinary and thyroid, including FNA, are provided. Breast ultrasound and biopsies are performed under ultrasound control by a breast Radiologist.

A specialist Paediatric Radiologist attends the department weekly.

A Clinical Vascular Scientist attends the department to carry out venous Doppler scans on blood vessels.

To enquire about our specialist private ultrasounds, call 020 8949 9030 or use our enquiry form