Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

If part of the ligament surrounding the glenoid shoulder socket separates from the glenoid bone, surgery may be needed. This procedure is carried out using an arthroscope.

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The arthroscope is used to look into the joint and small instruments are inserted into the incisions in order to carry out the procedure.

The area around the detached labrum is cleaned and any loose particles or rough edges removed.

The surgeon then drills a few small holes in the bone near to the detached labrum and anchors are placed in the holes. The anchors are used to hold the stitches in place around the glenoid.

When the sutures are stitched to the labrum and pulled tight to the anchors, the labrum reattaches to the glenoid.


The arm is usually placed in a sling and physiotherapy will be needed in order to regain full range of motion and increased shoulder strength. Over time the labrum will naturally reattach itself to the glenoid socket.