We are now able to offer a new breast reconstruction process which has the advantage of being a single stage process rather than the traditional two stage process.

A skin sparing mastectomy involves the removal of all the breast tissue but preserves the patient's own skin envelope for reconstruction of the breast.

Immediate breast reconstruction with implants or tissue expanders is a common surgical technique. However, achieving coverage of the implant/expander to ensure the implant is held in place in the mastectomy pocket is a key technical challenge. Most patients require a “two stage” procedure involving an initial operation to place a temporary expanding implant followed by inflation or expansion of the salt water (saline) filled implant. A second operation is then performed to change the fully expanded implant to a gel filled shaped implant which is permanent.

Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) offers a solution to this challenge. A tissue substitute, it allows a gel implant to be placed at the first operation and to avoid a second operation to change the expander implant. The aim of using an ADM is to provide a cover or “internal bra” to allow a definitive implant to be placed immediately and therefore the mastectomy and complete reconstruction can be performed at one operation instead of two.

ADM is now offered at New Victoria Hospital by Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon - Mr Giles Davies, BSc, MD, FRCS(Gen.Surg), MBBS.

To arrange a consultation with Mr Davies, contact Outpatients on: 0208 949 9020 or email [email protected]


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