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Dr Mashkur Khan

Dr Mashkur Khan


General Medicine

Clinical Interests

  • General Medicine
  • Undiagnosed conditions
  • Dizziness 
  • Syncope & blackouts
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Dementia
  • Cognitive problems & memory loss


Dr Mashkur Khan has always pursued an active interest in general medicine. He was appointed as a Consultant Physician & Honorary Senior Lecturer at Epsom General Hospital and St George's University of London in 2002. 
He has a special interest in diagnostic dilemmas and complex medical problems which are subtle and need careful interpretations.

Dr Khan also does dedicated sessions on the Acute Medical Unit and he is fully versed in acute care, as well as chronic care. He is also interested in cognitive problems and memory loss and is currently the Trust Lead for dementia.

Dr Khan is particularly interested in all aspects of General Medicine, including syncope and blackouts and does a full workup for people who are dizzy or feel faint. He also has an interest in Parkinson's disease and its variants and I have chaired both national and international meetings and he has presented in these forums. 

He is a member of the Movement Disorder Society in the USA and chairs the South West Thames Movement Disorder Group where he has been involved in getting specialists together in the South West Thames Region.

He runs outpatient clinics each week and he is happy to see patients of all age groups. He is very keen to see patients who have undiagnosed medical conditions and have atypical presentations such as weight loss, tiredness and balance problems. 

Dr Mashkur Khan is currently an investigator for the COVID-19 vaccine trial.

Dr Khan is the Royal College of Physicians District Tutor and the Programme Director for lnternal Medical Training on behalf of the London Deanery.



  • Movement Disorder Society in the USA
  • South West Thames Movement Disorder Group


Clinic Times


= All
= Alternate weeks

NHS Hospitals

The Northey Suite, Epsom General Hospital