TreatmentHospital Fee
Biometry (Two eyes)*£120
Excision of lesion eyelid (Histology charge not incl.)£200
Curettage/cryo eyelid (Histology charge not incl.)£160
Biopsy of lesion of eye (Histology charge not incl.)£160
Correction of ectropion£160
Probing of nasolacrimal system / Syringe of tearduct£160
Perimetry/Visual field test£90
Insertion of punctal plug (Excl plug)£30
Excision of lesion eyebrow (Histology charge not incl.)£160
Intravitreal injection – one eye – Avastin ( Incl. Hosp. fee, Cons. fee & drug )£990
ntravitreal injection – one eye – Eyelea (Incl. Hosp. fee, Cons. fee & drug)£1555
Intravitreal injection – one eye – Lucentis (incl. Hosp. fee, Cons. fee & drug)£1565
Intravitreal injection – two eyes – Avastin (incl. Hosp. fee, Cons. fee & drug)£1735
Intravitreal injection– two eyes – Eyelea (Incl. Hosp. fee, Cons. fee & drug)£2865
Intravitreal injection – two eyes – Lucentis (Incl. Hosp. fee, Cons. fee & drug)£2885
Drainage of conjunctival cyst£160
Exploration of conjunctiva£160
Subconjunctival injection£50
Removal of superficial corneal foreign body£90

*The price displayed is the Hospital’s service fee. This excludes the Consultant’s appointment fee and any additional fees they may charge for conducting the procedure, and for which they would advise you and invoice you directly.

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