Paying For Your Own Treatment at New Victoria Hospital

With our self-pay treatment services, you don’t need medical insurance to get treated privately at New Victoria Hospital. Many of our patients choose to pay for their own treatment.

Fixed Price Packages

We aim to make the process for our self-pay patients as simple and transparent as possible by offering a fixed price for a comprehensive range of the most common treatments. 

Our fixed prices are designed to provide you with peace of mind about your cost before you commence any treatment. 

Click here to see a selection of our Self-Pay Prices


Interest-Free Finance Packages

We are also able to offer flexible finance packages starting from as little as 0%* interest free finance. For many patients, having finance options available can make all the difference by making it that much easier to begin treatment immediately and spread the cost over a period of time that suits them. Click here for further details about our Finance Packages.

Is a GP Referral Needed?

Outpatient Consultant Appointments: Most private treatments start when you visit your GP and are then referred by them to see a Consultant. Let your GP know at the time of your visit if you wish to be referred privately and they can provide you with a Referral Letter. Although not essential for making an appointment with one of our Consultants, a Referral Letter can be helpful by providing useful medical history. 

Imaging Appointments: For Imaging appointments you are required (in accordance with IRMER) to have a Referral Letter from your GP, Physiotherapist or Consultant

There are however two exceptions for which you can self-refer. These include:

Details of our Imaging services can be found here. Imaging appointments can be made by contacting: 020 8949 9030

Physiotherapy Appointments:  No Referral Letter is required for self-pay patients 

Details of our Physiotherapy services can be found here. Physiotherapy appointments can be made by contacting: 020 8949 9040


A Consultant of Your Choice at New Victoria Hospital

Your GP may be able to advise you on an appropriate Consultant. Alternatively, when you call our Outpatient Department, they will be happy to advise you on our Consultants, their specialties and when they are available.

Billing and Payment

Consultants are independent practitioners and are not employees or agents of the hospital. Your Consultant will, therefore, bill you independently for the cost of your initial consultation at New Victoria Hospital. You can find out how much this is likely to be from the Consultant’s secretary or the hospital can provide an estimate.

Your Consultant may require you to have some diagnostic tests such as blood tests or X-rays. These can be performed at New Victoria Hospital and we will advise you of the cost of these at the time.

If, as a result of your initial consultation and diagnostic tests, your Consultant decides that you need to be admitted to hospital for a surgical procedure or for any other treatment, we can make the necessary arrangements for your admission to New Victoria Hospital at a time that suits you, and provide you with details of the likely cost of your treatment. In nearly all cases we can offer you a fixed price which covers the full cost of your stay at New Victoria Hospital including the fees of your Consultant and Consultant Anaesthetist. In addition to the usual inclusive elements of self-pay packages, New Victoria Hospital goes that bit further, including extras such as post-discharge outpatient treatments, take-home medications and prostheses (where applicable). For full details and terms and conditions please go to Fixed Price Surgery.

If you would like more information on the self-pay treatment services at New Victoria Hospital. Telephone: 0208 949 9641/9646 or use our online contact form.