Self Pay Fixed Price Surgery Guide


Our Self Pay Fixed Price Packages Offer Exceptional All-Inclusive Value

For those without private health insurance, New Victoria Hospital offers Self Pay patients a wide range of fixed price packages for their surgery. The competitive packages offer peace of mind and ensure you know exactly what your surgery will cost in advance. New Victoria Hospital is located in Kingston upon Thames on the Surrey and South West London borders.

In addition to the usual inclusive elements of Self Pay packages, New Victoria Hospital goes that bit further, including extras such as post-discharge outpatient treatments, take-home medications and prostheses (where applicable).

We will also Price Match any competitor hospitals for admitted patient procedures* (* subject to qualifying terms and conditions).

For further information about our Self Pay Fixed Prices or should your required procedure not be listed, below please contact us on  - Telephone: 0208 949 9641/9646 or email us using our contact form - click here 

For details of just some of our Fixed Price Packages and full terms and conditions, please see below.


Expected Length

of Stay

Price Guide


Gastroscopy (Endoscopy) - examination of stomach (G6500) daycase


Gastroscopy (Endoscopy) & Colonoscopy - examination of stomach and colon (G8082) daycase


Colonoscopy - examination of bowel (H2002) daycase


Colonoscopy with biopsy/removal of lesion (H2003) daycase


Flexible Sigmoidoscopy - examination of bowel (lower) with removal of tissue (H2502) daycase



Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (E1432) daycase


Extraction of impacted / buried tooth or teeth (F0910) daycase




Varicose Vein Surgery (Unilateral) (L8540) daycase


Varicose Vein Surgery (Bilateral) (L8541) daycase



Diagnostic Laparoscopy (including any biopsy) (J0900) daycase


Gall Bladder Removal (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) (J1830) 1 night


Gall Bladder Removal with Bile Duct  Examination (laparascopic cholecystectomy) (J1880) 1 night



Haemorrhoidectomy - removal of haemorrhoids (H5100) daycase


Laying Open of Low Anal Fistula (H5510) daycase


Hernia Repair

Inguinal (Groin) Hernia Repair (open) (T2000) daycase / 1 night


Inguinal (Groin) Hernia Repair - laparoscopic (keyhole) (T2002) daycase / 1 night


Inguinal (Groin) Hernia Repair (open) - bilateral (T2010) daycase /


Inguinal (Groin) Hernia Repair - laparoscopic (key hole) - bilateral (T2012) daycase / 1 night


Recurrent Inguinal (Groin) Hernia Repair (T2100) daycase / 1 night


Recurrent Inguinal (Groin) Hernia Repair - laparoscopic (keyhole) (T2102) daycase / 1 night



Repair of Prolapsed Vagina (colporrhaphy) (P2310) 3 nights


Repair of Vaginal Hernia (enterocele) (P2340) 3 nights


Repair of Prolapsed Vagina with Vaginal Hysterectomy (P2380) 3 nights


Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (Q0740) 4 nights


Partial Abdominal Hysterectomy (Q0750) 4 nights


Therapeutic Hysteroscopy (examination of uterus) (Q1700) daycase


Hysteroscopy (examination of uterus) (Q1800) daycase


Fibroid Removal (TCRF) (Q1802) daycase


Laparoscopy & other Therapeutic Procedures (eg endometriosis; removal of cysts) (Q3800) daycase



Cataract Surgery - single eye (C7122) daycase




Multiple Procedures on Forefoot - single foot (W0300) daycase / 1 night


Multiple Procedures on Forefoot - both feet (W0310) daycase / 1 night


Joint Fusion (W5940) daycase / 1 night


Bunion Repair (W7910) daycase / 1 night


Bunion Surgery (Osteotomy) - unilateral (W0321) 1 night


Excision of lesion of peripheral nerve (A6110) daycase


Hands and Wrists

Carpal tunnel release - single wrist (A6510) daycase


Carpal tunnel release - both wrists (A6580) daycase


Fusion of digit joint(s) of hand (may be with or without graft and internal fixation) (W5930) daycase


Dupuytrens contracture release- palm (T5202) daycase


Dupuytrens contracture release- single finger (T5203) daycase


Dupuytrens contracture release- more than one finger (T5210) daycase


Excision of Ganglion (T5900) daycase


Release of Constriction (trigger finger) (T7230) daycase


Excision of lesion of peripheral nerve (A6110) daycase


Therapeutic arthroscopy of wrist (W8602) daycase



Hip Replacement (W3712) 5 nights



Knee Replacement (W4210) 5 nights


Revision of Total Knee Replacement (W4230) 5 nights


Partial Knee Replacement  - single knee (W5200) 5 nights


Partial Knee Replacement  - both knees (W5201) 5 nights


Cruciate Ligament Repair (ACL) (W7420) daycase / 1 night


Arthroscopic (Key Hole) Surgery to Remove Damaged Meniscus (W8200) daycase


Arthroscopic (Key Hole) Surgery - multiple procedures (W8500) daycase


Shoulder & Elbow

Shoulder Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) (T7915) daycase / 1 night


Shoulder Replacement (W5000) 4 nights


Coracoid Bone Transfer for Shoulder Instability/Dislocation (W7715) daycase


Elbow Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) for Joint Release (W7860) daycase


Frozen Shoulder Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) (W7872) daycase


Shoulder Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) for Impingement (W8193) daycase


Shoulder Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) with partial Collar Bone Removal (W8194) daycase


Therapeutic arthroscopy of shoulder (as sole procedure) (W8603) daycase



Back Surgery for Slipped Disc (lower back) (V2540) 1 to 2 days


Back Surgery for Slipped Disc (facet joints) (V2542) 1 to 2 days


Spinal Decompression (1 or 2 levels) for Trapped Nerves (V2560) 1 to 2 days


Spinal Decompression (3 or more levels) for Trapped Nerves (V2562) 1 to 2 days



Joint, Cyst, Bursa or Soft Tissue Injection(s) with imaging guidance (W9030) daycase


Joint, Cyst, Bursa or Soft Tissue Injection(s) (W9040) daycase


Epidural injection (A5210) daycase


Facet joint injection - up to 2 joints  (A5710) daycase


Facet joint injection - 3 to 4 joints  (A5761) daycase


Facet joint injection - 5 or more joints (A5771) daycase


Medial branch block - 1 to 2 levels (A5750) daycase


Medial branch block - 3 to 4 levels (A5760) daycase


Medial branch block - 5 to 6 levels (A5770) daycase



Ureteroscopy - Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary Tract Problems (M2730) daycase


Endoscopic (non-surgical) Removal Of Bladder Lesion (TURBT) (M4210) 1 night


Bladder Neck Injection for Stress Incontinence (M5630) daycase / 1 night


Endoscopic examination of bladder (cystoscopy) (M4510) daycase


Prostate Surgery (TURP) (M6530) 2 nights


Repair of Hydrocele (removal of fluid from scrotum) (N1100) daycase


Circumcision (N3030) daycase


What is included in your Fixed Price Surgery

  • New Victoria Hospital’s fee, the Consultant’s procedure fee and the Anaesthetist’s fee (where applicable).
  • Pre-admission assessment including all screening tests carried out at New Victoria Hospital to assess clinical requirements prior to admission. If a patient is declined or does not progress to surgery, a separate charge will be levied for the assessment.
  • Hospital services during the patient’s stay including all nursing, physiotherapy and imaging, operating theatre charges, accommodation including meals and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • All drugs and medical consumables used during the patient’s stay at the hospital.
  • Any additional costs arising from medical complications related to the patient’s procedure during their hospital stay.  
  • The provision, post-discharge, of any standard mobility aids such as walking sticks and crutches.
  • Any clinically necessary, post-discharge, Outpatient treatments carried out at New Victoria Hospital (only), relating to the patient’s procedure, including Physiotherapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Pathology and the Removal of sutures.
  • A standard range of prostheses. The suitability will be discussed with you by your Consultant.
  • Standard medication to take home (TTOs) as prescribed by the Consultant. 
  • The hospital will make no additional charge if, due to a recognized complication of the patient’s surgery, they need to stay for longer than originally expected. 
Terms & Conditions

i. Self Pay Fixed Price Guide effective from 1st October 2017. Any quotations that have already been sent to patients will be honoured.

ii. New Victoria Hospital reserves the right to change and amend prices at anytime.

iii.The package terms do not relate to any cosmetic procedures.

iv. Some Consultants occasionally charge more than the fixed-price package allows for the surgery element. If ever this is the case you will be advised in advance and provided with an alternative quotation.

v. The hospital will price match any competitor hospitals for admitted patient procedures (excluding cosmetic surgery). Competitive valid quotes will need to be provided. 

vi. We ask that patients pay in full at least 5 working days prior to their admission. If a booking is made less than 5 working days before admission then payment will be required immediately. The hospital reserves the right to cancel or postpone a patient’s admission if they do not do so.

vii. We will give a full refund for the surgical procedure (less any charges for any pre-operative assessments), if a patient cancels their surgery before admission. However, if they decide not to proceed with their operation after they have been admitted, we will charge for any services received and net these off against the original payment before making any refund.

viii. Unless advised otherwise, the Self Pay fixed prices do not include the following:

  • Any initial diagnostic services carried out at New Victoria Hospital, as a result of an initial consultation, prior to the pre-admission assessment; 
  • Any additional night’s stay after clinical discharge; 
  • Visitors’ meals and beverages;
  • Large home aids such as commodes, wheelchairs or stair lifts; 
  • Specialist nursing such as Dietician advice and stoma care, are not included post-discharge.
  • Any post-discharge, Outpatient treatments carried out at another hospital that is not part of New Victoria Hospital, will not be covered. 
  • Bespoke prostheses and similar devices outside of the standard range offered by New Victoria Hospital will alter the hospital fee payable by the patient.
  • Accommodation for a parent accompanying a child.
  • Ambulances and other transport to and from the hospital.
  • All visits to a Consultant before admission or after discharge. These will be charged to patients directly by the Consultant.
  • The hospital will make additional charges for the patient’s convalescence if they decide to stay in hospital for longer than is determined necessary by their Consultant.
  • The hospital reserves the right to refuse a patient access to a fixed price package subject to their suitability.