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Using Your Medical Insurance at New Victoria Hospital

New Victoria Hospital welcomes insured patients

If you have private medical insurance (PMI) or receive medical insurance from your employer, you may well be able to use it to cover Outpatient, Daycase and Inpatient appointments and treatment.

New Victoria Hospital Limited is recognised by all the leading UK medical insurers.

Contact your medical insurance company 

Before making an appointment, we would always advise that you contact your insurer to confirm that you will be covered for your Outpatient, Daycase or Inpatient treatment at New Victoria Hospital. You should then keep your insurer informed during the course of your treatment. By doing so you will remove a potential source of worry for yourself. If you do not contact your insurer and you subsequently find that your insurance policy will not cover your treatment then you will be responsible for meeting the cost of it yourself.

Please also be aware that some medical insurance policies may restrict the level of your cover. Please do check the terms and conditions of your policy in full.

If like many policy holders, you are covered by a scheme that is administered by your employer, then you may also need to contact your Human Resources department at work.

GP Referral Letter

Each medical insurer has their own procedures for how you to make a claim. In addition to requiring you to contact them before the start of any treatment, many also request that you visit your GP first and obtain a Referral Letter. Your GP may also be able to advise you on your choice of Consultant.

Pre-authorisation Number

Once your insurer advises you that your treatment will be covered, they will provide you with a Pre-authorisation Number along with any other useful information and, where required, send you a claim form. When you arrive at New Victoria Hospital, we will require you to provide us with this Pre-authorisation Number.

For any outpatient treatment, your policy number and pre-authorisation code will be required at the time of booking. Without this information you will be charged the Hospital’s Self Pay fee (payable on the day), for any procedures or tests. You would need to reclaim through your insurer at a later date.

Please note there are a small number of outpatient procedures that are not typically covered by private medical insurance and insured patients will, therefore, be charged by the Hospital at the Self Pay rate.

A Consultant of your choice

Most private treatments start when you visit your GP and are then referred by them to see a Consultant. You should tell your GP at that time if you are covered by medical insurance and want to be treated privately. They can then advise you and help make the necessary arrangements for you to be seen at New Victoria Hospital by the Consultant of your choice.

One of the benefits of PMI has always been that you can be treated at the time of your choice and by the Consultant of your choice. We strongly encourage all Consultants who use New Victoria Hospital to charge for their services in accordance with the guidelines published by the various medical insurers. Over 95% of them do so. In nearly all cases therefore you can be assured that, when you see a Consultant at New Victoria Hospital, their fees will be met in full by your insurer. You can check with your insurer by telephone or online whether your preferred Consultant is “fee assured” and your treatment will be covered in full; and, if they are, we would encourage you to ask that you can be treated by them.

Billing and payment

At the end of your course of treatment, or at regular intervals if your treatment is over a long period, New Victoria Hospital will raise an invoice for the services that it has provided you. These will include diagnostic services such as radiological examinations, blood tests and other pathology services, physiotherapy treatments and, if you are admitted to the hospital as an Inpatient or a Daycase, charges for your accommodation, drugs and dressings, and the use of the operating theatre.

If your treatment is covered under your PMI, we will send our bill directly to your insurer for settlement. We will charge you directly only for those services which are not covered by your policy: these will include hotel charges such as meals for visitors and specialist equipment for example, crutches and braces to aid your subsequent recovery. If your Consultant prescribes any medications for use after your discharge, these will be payable to the Hospital at the time of your discharge.

If you have an excess on your policy or do not have sufficient cover on it for your bills to be paid in full, then your insurer will write to you to let you know. You are then responsible for settling the balance with the hospital.

Your Consultant and your Consultant Anaesthetist (if you require surgery) - are independent practitioners and are not employees or agents of New Victoria Hospital. They will issue their own invoices for their services and may send these either to you or directly to your insurer. If you do receive any invoices from your Consultants you should confirm with your insurer what to do with them. In nearly all cases they will ask you to send the invoices on to them for settlement.

A full copy of the Hospital's Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Overseas insurance companies

If your medical insurance policy is with an overseas insurer with whom we do not have any arrangement, then we will ask them for their written confirmation that your treatment at New Victoria Hospital will be covered by them in full. If we do not receive their confirmation prior to commencement of your treatment then we will ask you to settle the hospital’s bill and arrange for your reimbursement from your insurer.

If you would like more information on using your private medical insurance for procedures at New Victoria Hospital, telephone: 0208 949 9020 or use our online contact form.