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Making A Private GP Appointment

Appointments can be made for our Private GP Service Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. 

  • Families can be accommodated in multiple appointments if needed
  • Private GP services: standard appointment 20 mins, extended appointment 40 min*
  • Appointment types and fees available

* ​If you wish to see a doctor for a routine GP service such as a check-up, minor acute ailment or prescription, please book a standard 20 minute appointment. If you have long-term, chronic condition, need to request blood tests or wish to discuss more than one issue, please book an extended 40 minute appointment.

First GP Appointments: For first appointments at New Victoria Hospital, please arrive 10 minutes before your Private GP Appointment to complete the registration forms. Please also bring two forms of photo identification.


At Your GP Appointment

Ahead of your first appointment, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire, this is so that our Private GPs can understand your medical history. This allows the our doctors to consider the potential causes of your symptoms and health issues, and develop a bespoke package of care to address them. Additional information may be required if you are attending for a health screening.

During the appointment, the GP will perform a thorough examination if required, and may also recommend tests or further specialised investigations if relevant to your personal circumstances.

For common conditions, tests and special investigations may not be required and your appointment can be brief and straightforward. Prescriptions will be issued if required. When necessary, our Private GPs will seek specialist input from named consultants at New Victoria Hospital. This means you won’t need to see numerous specialists via multiple routes for conditions that ultimately may be linked.


For more information about our Private GP Appointments at New Victoria Hospital, please call us on 020 8949 9640 or use our online contact form.