Private Cervical Smear and HPV Tests at New Victoria Hospital

Private Cervical Smear and HPV

To Make An Appointment For A Private Cervical Smear Test and/or HPV Test, Call On: 020 8949 9640

Your Private GP Service offers women the opportunity to have smear tests more frequently than currently offered on the NHS.

PAP Cervical Smear Tests

The UK NHS smear test programme starts at age 25 and smear tests are offered every 3-5 years after this. However there is an increasing demand from many women to have this test every year, as is offered in Europe and the USA.

Our private cervical smear tests can be performed at any age, can be repeated annually (or more frequently) and our results are back in 2-3 days.

We use the latest Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) for our private cervical smear tests at New Victoria Hospital, which is processed using the Holographic ThinPrep system as an enhanced Quality Control. Our samples are sent to a laboratory which provides high quality NHS-approved cytology services with rapid results.

Please endeavour to book your appointment in the middle of your cycle if you wish to have a private cervical smear test. Should you find that your period is going to coincide with your appointment then please telephone to rearrange your appointment beforehand as we may not be able to rebook your smear test as a separate procedure as part of this screening. Your doctor will call you with the test result (please allow 3 working days).

Standard Consultation (20 mins): £90 

PAP Smear: £100


HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Tests

Cervical cancer prevention is changing. There is a move from smear testing programs to HPV based screening. HPV testing is important in deciding which women are at risk of developing cervical cancer. A negative HPV test results indicates a patient is at a very low risk of developing cervical disease. If you have tested negative for HPV and are not in a stable relationship, you should consider vaccination against cervical cancer (Gardasil).

There are over 100 subtypes of HPV, most do not cause significant disease, but some have been confirmed as causal agents for cervical cancer. These are known as High Risk HPV types. Types 16 and 18, account for 70% of all cervical cancers worldwide. 

Your private cervical smear test can be combined with the HPV testing at New Victoria Hospital.

PAP Smear with HPV Testing: £180

If you would like any more information about having a private Cervical Smear Test and/or HPV Test at New Victoria Hospital, please call us today on 020 8949 9000 and we will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, fill out our contact form.