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Your Initial Physio visit

Your initial visit will last for 45 minutes to an hour depending on your condition and will comprise of a detailed and thorough assessment.

During the initial assessment we will ascertain how your problem started, how it has progressed and will establish if there are any activities which may aggravate or ease your symptoms. We will ask about your past medical history, work, sports and hobbies you like to pursue, in order to establish or eliminate factors which may influence your treatment.

Once we have gathered all the relevant information we will carry out a full physical examination of the area in question to establish the main problems and develop our clinical diagnosis.

Following the initial assessment we will discuss our findings with you and together will agree on the goals of treatment and a plan of how we aim to achieve these goals. We will also advise you on activity moderation and postural re-education.

At New Victoria Hospital Physiotherapy Department our highly skilled and specialist physiotherapists will specifically tailor treatment plans to address your condition which may include a prescribed home exercise/self treatment plan to help optimise the recovery and management of your condition.

For further details of what we treat click here to visit our separate website for New Victoria Physiotherapy.

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