is a Non-Surgical non-hormonal solution to aspects of the menopause, genital prolapse, urinary incontinence and vaginal problems after breast cancer.

ThermiVa treatments deliver controlled Radio Frequency (RF) thermal energy to the desired areas - external (labia) and/or internal (vagina). This treatment gently heats tissue to stimulate new collagen and elastin fibres which improves vaginal elasticity and moisture. This gently and effectively treats mild to moderate vaginal prolapse and stress incontinence as well as all symptoms of atrophic vaginitis such as painful or unsatisfactory intercourse, vaginal dryness and soreness as well as overactive bladder symptoms. 

Conditions that ThermiVa can help:

  • Mild to moderate vaginal prolapse.
  • Mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence.
  • Childbirth or postmenopausal related vaginal laxity.
  • Postmenopausal vaginal dryness/dyspareunia.
  • Loose vagina.
  • Physical sexual difficulties after treatment of breast cancer.
  • Vulval and vaginal skin rejuvenation.   

What's involved? 

ThermiVa is an Outpatient procedure and takes approximately one hour per visit. An ultrasound gel is applied and the active RF transducer - "The wand" is applied to each treatment area (vagina or vulva) for 20 minutes. 

Treatment frequency:

The initial treatment is in the form of three outpatients’ sessions four weeks apart. One session a year is quite sufficient thereafter to maintain the therapeutic effects.

There is no down-time and no special precautions following the sessions. 

How does it work?

The collagen in tissue shrinks when heated to sustained temperatures in excess of 40°C. Initially an inflammatory process starts which stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin which in turn increases vascularity and blood flow. Heating the skin promotes three different effects:

  • Immediate contraction of collagen.
  • Immediate collagen and elastin remodelling which increases elasticity.
  • Long-term stimulation of new collagen production.

Is it safe?

Study results show that the treatment is safe, tolerable, and effective. In a clinical study, transient mild erythema and mild oedema were noted in 8% of patients. All occurrences of erythema and oedema resolved on the same day as treatment without medical intervention.

There are certain circumstances under which it is advised not to use the ThermiVa procedure. These include: 

  • The existence of cardiac devices such as AICD's (auxiliary internal cardiac devices), defibrillators, mechanical valves, pacemakers, or any device that is affected by RF energy. 
  • Pregnancy
  • Active sexually transmitted diseases or current urinary tract infection
  • Greater than a stage 2 pelvic organ prolapse
  • Recent vaginal surgery
  • Vaginal fillers


The results and benefits from TheriVa are immediate and cumulative, improving with each of the three Outpatient sessions until full staisfaction is achieved.

The ThermiVa procedure is FDA approved and has been carried out more than 55,000 times. A survey of over 1500 patients in the USA who had the procedure for various indications showed a 93% satisfaction rate.


ThermiVa is provided at New Victoria Hospital by Consultant Gynaecologist Mr Onsy Morris. Further  information about ThermiVa can also be viewed on his website here

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