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5 Year Trial of Prostatic Urethral Lift (PUL) - UroLift Procedure - Shows Great Results.

99.9% Of Patients Rate Our Nursing Care - Excellent, Very Good or Good

A Healthy Obsession for food at New Victoria Hospital

ACP Therapy for Osteoporosis, Muscle and Tendon Tears, Tendinopathy and other conditions

All Of Our Physiotherapy Patients Would Recommend Us According To Latest Outpatient Survey

Autumn GP & AHP Seminars Announced

Book Your Mummy MOT With Our Women's Health Physiotherapist

Botox For The Prevention Of Chronic Migraine In Adults

Botox Solution For Chronic Migraine

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - Preventative Screening Tests

Charitable Life Changing Cataract Surgery

Consultant Gastroenterologists - Update

Coombe Hill Junior School Pupils Decorate New Victoria Hospital Development

Development Well Under Way Of 4 New Theatres, High Dependency Unit & New 14 Bed Day Surgery Unit

Finance Packages Are Now Available To Help Make Your Treatment More Affordable

First GP & AHP Educational Seminar For 2018 Announced

Free - Movember Prostate Consultations On Saturday 18th November

Free Bowel Cancer Consultations On 22nd April - Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Free Consultations For Bowel Cancer Screening Advice On Saturday 7th April

Free Consultations On Saturday 15th July For Skin Cancer Screening and Mole Checks

Free Consultations On Saturday 7th July For Skin Cancer Screening and Mole Checks

Free Consultations On Saturday 8th September For Cosmetic Surgery

Free Consultations Saturday 24th June For Weight Loss, Hernia Repair, Gallbladder & Anti-Reflux Surgery

Free Cosmetic Surgery Consultations - Saturday 20th May

Free Home Bowel Cancer Screening Tests This April

Free Varicose Vein Consultations - Saturday 10th March

Free Varicose Vein Consultations - Saturday 18th March

Gastroenterology GP & AHP Seminar - Saturday 28th September

Helpers And Hinderers For Your Digestive System

How To Avoid Falls And Fall Related Injuries

Imaging - Latest Digital Systems For Prostheses Are Benefiting Patients And Consultants

Imaging Department Now Open Saturday Afternoons

It's Wimbledon Fortnight And Our Team Of Specialists is Here To Help

Mouth Cancer Action Month - Key Facts

MRI Special Price Offer For February & March 2016

New - HyCoSy Non-Invasive Ultrasound Assessment To Identify Blocked Fallopian Tubes

New Acid Reflux Monitoring Service Using Wireless pH Monitoring

New Breast Reconstruction Process Means Mastectomy And Reconstruction Are Now A Single Operation

New Cardiac Diagnostic Service

New Finance Director Appointed

New Head Of Nursing Appointed

New Intermittent Self-Catheterisation / Intermittent Self-Dilatation Clinic

New Mammogram Unit Installed & Additional One-Stop Breast Clinics

New Non-Invasive CT Coronary Angiogram Service

New One-Stop Neck Lump Clinic

New Orthotic Service

New Physio Equipment Further Improves Patient Outcomes

New Private GP Service

New Stress Echocardiography Service

New Vic Sponsors Annual Rotary Charity Golf Day And Helps Raise £5,500 For Three Charities

New Victoria Hospital Awarded Ongoing CHKS Accreditation

New Victoria Hospital Nominated For CHKS Top Hospital Awards

New Victoria Hospital Rated as 'Good' By CQC

New Victoria Hospital Support The Victoria Foundation In Charity Dragon Boat Race

New Victoria Is The First Private Hospital To Take Part In RecoMed - A Nationwide Healtchare Recycling Scheme For PVC

New Victoria Staff And Consultants Take Part In Charity Dragon Boat Race Day

New Video Capsule Endoscopy Service For Investigations Of The Small Bowel

Once Again 99% Of Patients Rate Our Nursing Care As Excellent Or Very Good

Our Chief Executive's Trek To The Brazilian Rainforest For The Victoria Foundation Will Soon Be Underway

Our Self-Pay Fixed Price Packages Offer Exceptional All-Inclusive Value

Our Sports Injury Clinics provide the expert advice and treatment you need to get back in action.

Outpatient Department Early Closure On Saturday 5th May

RideLondon Road Closures - Sunday 29th July

RideLondon Road Closures - Sunday 30th July

The Victoria Foundation Brazil Cycling & Trekking Challenge raises £35,000

The Victoria Foundation Wing is officially opened by HRH Princess Alexandra

ThermiVa - A New Non-Invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation Outpatient Procedure Treatment

Ultrasound Liver Elastography Service

UroLift is a New Minimally Invasive Approach to Treating Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

World Glaucoma Week - Drop Free Treatments -The Minimally Invasive Revolution

Your Private GP Service - Weekday and Saturday Appointments Now Available

£4,900 Raised At Charity Golf Day

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The Victoria Foundation


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Renal Medicine (Nephrology)


Dr Adam W M Mitchell

Dr Ali Al-Memar

Dr Amanda Woods

Dr Amrish Mehta

Dr Anand Mehta

Dr Andrew Clifton

Dr Andrew MacKinnon

Dr Andrew Poullis

Dr Anita Rhodes

Dr Anshul Rastogi

Dr Archana Rao

Dr Arvind Vasudeva

Dr Catherine Aboud

Dr Claire Fletcher

Dr Colin Todd

Dr Declan Johnson

Dr Derek Svasti-Salee

Dr Evgenia Fanou

Dr Farid Bazari

Dr Gajan Rajeswaran

Dr Hannah Constanti

Dr Helen Richardson

Dr Hugh Jones

Dr Iain Colquhoun

Dr James Blackburn

Dr Janakan Natkunarajah (Dr Jana)

Dr Jane Adam

Dr Jeremy Isaacs

Dr Jeremy Madigan

Dr John Chinegwundoh

Dr Kevin Shotliff

Dr Klaus Misch

Dr Kunle Ogungbemi

Dr Lucy Ostlere

Dr Manav Sohal

Dr Maneesh Patel

Dr Mark Spring

Dr Markus Gess

Dr Mary Roddie

Dr Matthew Oldfield

Dr Michael Lynch

Dr Monica Khanna

Dr Mushriq Al-Khayatt

Dr Nader Elgharably

Dr Nadia Oozeerally

Dr Nevin Wijesekera

Dr Nikolaos Papadakos

Dr Nimrat Mangat

Dr Patrick McHugh

Dr Paul Bailey

Dr Philip Rich

Dr Prabhu Gandhimani

Dr Rajan Sharma

Dr Rajdeep Khattar

Dr Ralph Greaves

Dr Ramesh Yella

Dr Richard Hull

Dr Rishi Goel

Dr Ruth Pearson

Dr Salah Omer

Dr Samantha Negus

Dr Samir Zebari

Dr Sarah Clark

Dr Sarah Evans

Dr Sarah Griffiths

Dr Sarang Puranik

Dr Shahid Jawed

Dr Shevantha Rosa

Dr Simona Di Caro

Dr Sonny Chong

Dr Sudhir Rastogi

Dr Susan Jawad

Dr Vinayak Pai

Dr Vinayaka Majuran

Dr Vivian Ejindu

Dr William Culling

Dr Wilmi Pienaar

Dr Yvette Coldicott

Dr Zahir Amin

Dr Zbynek Stetina

Dr Zoe Astroulakis

Miss Alison Green

Miss Caroline Richardson

Miss Fiona Middleton

Miss Iman Riad

Miss Kate Panter

Miss Katherine Krupa

Miss Rashmi Singh

Miss Rowena Bevan

Miss Sue Kendall

Mr Aakshay Gulati

Mr Abbad Toma

Mr Adam Blackburn

Mr Adam Mead

Mr Adrian Fawcett

Mr Alan Thompson

Mr Andrew Fleming

Mr Andrew Pooley

Mr Arjuna (Arj) Imbuldeniya

Mr Ashwin Unnithan

Mr Behrad Elmiyeh

Mr Ben Ardehali

Mr Charles Gibbons

Mr Christian Ulbricht

Mr David A Ward

Mr David Gateley

Mr David Selvadurai

Mr Dean Michael

Mr Demetri Panayi

Mr Enyi Ofo

Mr Georgios Vasilikostas

Mr Gilbert Railton

Mr Giles Davies

Mr Giles Heilpern

Mr Gordon McArthur

Mr Graham Smith

Mr Hooman Sherafat

Mr Ian Bloom

Mr Ian Gill

Mr Jean Deguara

Mr Jonathan Bell

Mr Jonathan Larholt

Mr Kavin Andi

Mr Keith Jones

Mr Konstantinos Charitopoulos

Mr Magdy Moawad

Mr Mark Curtis

Mr Martin Goddard

Mr Martin Klinke

Mr Michael Davis

Mr Michael Jarrett

Mr Mo Akhavani

Mr Mostafa Elgohary

Mr Nashat Siddiqui

Mr Neel Mohan

Mr Nicholas Masucci

Mr Omar Sabri

Mr Onsy Morris

Mr Pal. Ramesh

Mr Parag Patel

Mr Paul Davey

Mr Paul Moxey

Mr Paul Trikha

Mr Peter Willson

Mr Petr Holy

Mr Philip Bearn

Mr Philippe de Rosnay

Mr Ramu Muniraju

Mr Richard Hampton

Mr Roland Morley

Mr Ruwan Wimalasundera

Mr Sarb Sandhu

Mr Simon Horgan

Mr Sudip Ray

Mr Thomas Kersey

Mr Tony Hinton

Mr Vijay Shanmuganathan

Mr Zahid Mukhtar

Mr Ziali Sivardeen

Mrs Nadine Coull

Ms Ann Owlett

Ms Catherine Milroy

Ms Krithiga IIangovan

Professor Alun Davies

Professor Marcus Reddy

Professor Marios Papadopoulos

Professor Stergios Doumouchtsis

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Hooman Sherafat visits Burma

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New Victoria Staff And Consultants Take Part In Charity Dragon Boat Race Day

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Upper GI Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

Video Capsule Endoscopy (Investigation Of The Small Bowel)

General Surgery

Closure of Loop Colostomy

Epigastric Hernia Repair (adult)

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder Removal)

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Autologous Sling Procedure For Stress Urinary Incontinence In Women

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Synthetic Mesh Tape Insertion In Women

TURP For Benign Disease (Transurethral resection of the prostate)

TURP For Prostate Cancer

Urethral Bulking

UroLift - Treatment of Enlarged Prostate

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