TitleCareer vacancy typeClosing date Sort descending
Chief PharmacistClinical role
Senior Theatre Practitioner - AnaestheticsClinical role
Perioperative Healthcare AssistantClinical role
Senior Radiographer - Mammographer / General X-rayClinical role
Staff Nurse - OutpatientsClinical role
Practicing Privileges Co-OrdinatorNon-clinical role
Pantry & Catering Assistant - BankNon-clinical role
Theatre Practitioner - RecoveryClinical role
Bank Theatre PorterNon-clinical role
Staff Nurse - WardClinical role
Healthcare Assistant - OutpatientsClinical role
Chef (One Year Fixed-Term)Non-clinical role
Bank Housekeeping AssistantNon-clinical role
Theatre Practitioner - ScrubClinical role
Endoscopy TechnicianClinical role
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NJR accreditation Quality Data Provider for New Victoria Hospital
JAG accreditation
Freedom to Speak Up scheme
Care Quality Commission Good Rating
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