One-Stop Breast Clinic Prices

TreatmentHospital Fee
Breast Mammogram - Unilateral£145
Breast Mammogram - Bilateral£240
Ultrasound - Single Breast£275
Ultrasound – Single Breast + Axilla£390
Ultrasound – Bilateral (Both) Breasts£390
Ultrasound – Bilateral (Both) Breasts + Axilla£503
Ultrasound Single Axilla£275
Fine Needle Aspiration (Histology charge not incl.)£480
Breast Biopsy (Histology charge not incl.)£1025
Hydro-marker Insertion£569
Lump Localisation/ Wire Localisation Ultrasound£569
Lump Localisation/Magseed Localisation Ultrasound£1075
Breast MRI (incl. contrast)£1295
Breast Stereotactic Biopsy – Unilateral (Histology charge not incl.)£1075
Breast Stereotactic Biopsy - Bilateral (Histology charge not incl.)£1613

*The price displayed is the Hospital’s service fee. This excludes the Consultant’s appointment fee and any additional fees they may charge for conducting the procedure (unless otherwise stated), and for which they would advise you and invoice you directly.



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