Below are our Self Pay Treatment Guide Prices for the most commonly requested treatments:

Dermatology & Plastics prices



Hospital Fee
Excision of lesion skin (up to 3 head/neck) (Histology charge not incl.)£350
Excision of lesion skin (up to 3 trunk/limbs) (Histology charge not incl.)£350
Primary excision of malignant lesion (Histology charge not incl.)£350
Excision of lesion skin (4 or more head/neck) (Histology charge not incl.)£380
Excision of lesion skin (4 or more trunk/limbs) (Histology charge not incl.)£380
Curettage/cautery/cryotherapy of lesion – up to 3 (Histology charge not incl.)£95
Curettage/cautery/cryotherapy of lesion – 4 or more (Histology charge not incl.)£190
Cryotherapy for e.g. warts, verrucas, skin tags – up to 3£95
Administration of Botulinum Toxin (Aesthetics) excluding cost of Botulinum Toxin£50
Drainage of lesion of skin including abscess£180
Simple injection into scar£22
Shave biopsy (Histology charge not incl.)£160
Punch biopsy (Histology charge not incl.)£160
Scar revision (up to 5cm)£320
Pregnancy test£15

*The price displayed is the Hospital’s service fee. This excludes the Consultant’s appointment fee and any additional fees they may charge for conducting the procedure (unless otherwise stated), and for which they would advise you and invoice you directly.

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