Orthopaedic / Podiatry / Pain Management / Rheumatology Prices

TreatmentHospital Fee
Application of collar and cuff£30
Application of triangular sling£25
Application of tubigrip£25
Application of finger splint£20
Mallet splint£20
Removal of plaster/POP£53
Application of plaster/POP – wrist/hand/full leg/lower leg/foot£95
Application of Scotch cast – wrist/full leg/lower leg/foot£148
Aspiration of joint (Histology charge not incl.)£95
Removal of pin/wire£95
Injection of steroid into joint£90
Curettage / cautery / cryotherapy of lesion – up to 6 (Histology charge not incl.)£250
Wedge excision or avulsion of nail£335
Total excision of nail (Zadek's procedure)£335
Injection into subcutaneous tissue/trigger finger£90
Botox injection into muscles£126
Shockwave Therapy: 3x30 minutes sessions (Bookings via Physiotherapy Dept.)£300

*The price displayed is the Hospital’s service fee. This excludes the Consultant’s appointment fee and any additional fees they may charge for conducting the procedure (unless otherwise stated), and for which they would advise you and invoice you directly.

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