Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans use strong magnetic fields (not radiation), to obtain detailed cross-sectional images throughout the body, to build a complete 3D picture.

We offer all routine MRI scans as well as specialist areas such as Breast, Prostate, Brain, Liver, Small Bowel and Arthroscopies.

Our MRI Department is renowned for providing an exceptional service, from high-quality images to excellent reporting and rapid results by highly trained Consultant Radiologists and Radiographers.

Your peace of mind during the MRI scan is of the utmost importance and great care is taken by our dedicated and caring radiographers to ensure the experience is as pleasant as possible. The MRI scanner opening is wider and shorter than most, which is of comfort to those patients who may be a little claustrophobic. 

To enquire about our specialist MRI scanning services, call New Victoria Hospital on 020 8949 9030 or:

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