Our History


New Victoria Hospital opened its doors in 1958. It was founded by a group of local GPs who wanted to have somewhere to treat their private patients after the original Victoria Hospital had been subsumed into the nascent NHS in the late 1940s. They raised the money required to buy Coombe Lodge entirely from the donations of local people – hence our charitable status. 

The initial business model was such that the revenue from one pay bed, together with ongoing donations, was intended to meet the costs for the entire hospital. That did not last! In the years that followed the requirement to constantly reinvest in expensive equipment meant that in order to survive the hospital had to be run on a commercial footing.

In the early 1970s the Colville Wing was built and in its day was innovative as each room had an en suite lavatory! During the 1980s new theatres, X-ray, physiotherapy and Alexandra Wing were added and during the 1990s an adjacent house at 188 Coombe Lane West was acquired to provide more parking, a new physiotherapy department and offices. In 2001 a new imaging department was built and included a digital fluoroscopy, mammography, ultrasound, bone densitometry, CT and MRI scanning. 

In 2007 the Charity that owned the hospital sold it to an Irish property entrepreneur, however he personally ran into financial difficulties in 2011 although the hospital itself continued to trade profitably.  In 2012 The Victoria Foundation, the Charity that had sold the hospital in 2007, bought the hospital back and New Victoria Hospital was re-awarded its charitable status.

The new owners and the hospital management were determined that New Victoria Hospital should regain its pre-eminence and started a programme of refurbishment and redevelopment that is intended to transform the current hospital and to start that process in 2013 Colville and Alexandra Wing were completely refurbished and are now widely acclaimed by patients, consultants and staff alike. In 2014 the hospital then also purchased a brand new state of the art MRI scanner.

In 2016 New Victoria Hospital entered a truly exciting period of its history with the completion of a new double height wing. The building comprises three new Operating Theatres, an Endoscopy Theatre, a High Dependency Unit (HDU), a 14-bay Day Surgery Unit and a new Imaging Suite with 128 Slice CT Scanner with cardiac diagnostics. In 2018 the final stage of the planned development will result in a new Reception and a new Outpatient Department with Treatment Rooms, Minor Ops and an increased number of Consulting Rooms (12) with ancillary services.

The most important attribute of our hospital has always been the expertise of our staff and the caring ambience that pervades throughout. When the redevelopment is complete we will be as proud of the physical environment as we are of our patient care.