Gynaecology & Urology

TreatmentHospital Fee
Correction of hydrocele (Cytology charge not incl.)£125
Insertion of catheter£110
Pregnancy test£15
Bladder scan£60
Bladder Instillation - BCG - per treatment£156
Bladder Instillation - Ialuril - per treatment£181
Bladder Instillation - Cystostat - per treatment£197
Cervical polypectomy (Histology charge not included)£20
Cervical Smear (Incl. Cytology)£100
Biopsy of cervix (pack)£160
Endometrial/Pipelle biopsy (Histology charge not incl.)£20
Colposcopy (Histology charge not incl.)£345
Colposcopy & loop diathermy (Histology charge not incl.)£485
Excision of lesion - vulva (Histology charge not incl.)£320
Hormone Implant - procedure (pack)£160
Hormone Implant - Oestrogen 50mg pellet£65
Hormone Implant - Testosterone 100mg pellet£105
IUCD removal (pack)£25
Insertion of Milex pessary (incl. pessary) (pack)£48
Insertion of standard pessary (incl. pessary) (pack)£20
Mirena coil£115

Insertion Mirena coil/IUCD (pack)


*The price displayed is the Hospital’s service fee. This excludes the Consultant’s appointment fee and any additional fees they may charge for conducting the procedure, and for which they would advise you and invoice you directly.

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