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Infection control

New Victoria Hospital has an extremely low infection rate and there have been no incidences Hospital acquired MRSA or Clostridium Difficile.

Our Infection Control Nurse works closely with the clinical and non-clinical staff and has the support of a 24-hour on call Consultant Microbiologist.

Our dedicated housekeepers receive regular training in infection control procedures to maintain high standards of cleaning and ensure a dust free environment.

We ask our patients for their active co-operation in maintaining our standards. You can help by remembering that frequent hand-washing is the most important way of preventing infection, so always remember to wash your hands:

  • before and after meals
  • after using the toilet or commode


Staff attending you will wash or gel their hands prior to any care intervention and hand gel is readily available in your room for staff, patient and visitor use.

If you have an intravenous infusion, wound drain or catheter, do not touch these, or any other device.

Speak to your nurse if:-

• your infusion line, urinary catheter or wound drain becomes loose or disconnected

• your dressing becomes loose or you see any leakage from the wound or infusion site

• you have any pain or redness at the site of your infusion

We recommend that friends or relatives with a cold, chest infection, diarrhoea and vomiting or any other infection, do not visit you while you are in hospital. Your visitors will be reminded to use the alcohol hand gel on their arrival.