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On your arrival

Please arrive at New Victoria Hospital at the requested time.

After your arrival, you will be escorted to your allocated room or Day Unit bay by a member of staff who will familiarise you with your surroundings, explaining how to operate the nurse call system, lighting, television and radio.

Your nurse will ask you a series of questions in order to obtain a concise medical and social history. You will be asked to hand over your medication for safe storage. Your weight and height will be measured; this is to aid the Anaesthetist when calculating the necessary dose of medication. The nurse will also record your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation level and temperature; this is to act as a baseline measurement prior to surgery.

You may find you are asked the same questions by different people as part of our checking procedure. This is standard practice and ensures maximum safety for every patient receiving care in hospital. For this reason you will be required to wear a patient identification bracelet throughout your stay in hospital.