Guide Price

Adenotonsillectomy (F3480)


Ear Pinning (Pinnaplasty - bilateral) (D0330)


Extraction of Impacted/Buried Tooth or Teeth (F0910)


Grommets (Myringotomy) (D1510)


Parathyroidectomy (B1450)


Partial Excision of Parotid Gland (& preservation of facial nerve) (F4430)


Perforated Ear Drum (Myringoplasty) (D1420)


Removal of Tooth Root (F0950)


Nose Reshaping following trauma (Rhinoplasty) (E0260)


Sinus Surgery (E1432)


Tonsillectomy - Adult (F3440)


Tonsillectomy - Child (F3400)


Our Guide Prices are an approximation of the cost of treatment only. Prices may vary depending on your choice of Consultant, your medical history and the specifics of your procedure. You will be provided with a confirmed Fixed Price Package following your initial consultation.

The Guide Prices do not include any visits to the Consultant before or after discharge. These are charged in addition and invoiced directly by the Consultant.

This is just a selection of our package prices for ENT & Oral Surgery.
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