New Victoria Hospital Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The patient is under the care of his or her physician, surgeon, anaesthetist or radiologist. The Hospital will provide care and treatment in consultation with the physician or surgeon. The patient consents to any nursing care, x-rays, examinations, laboratory procedures or any general treatment provided. It is the responsibility of the patient’s consultant to obtain the patient’s consent to any medical or surgical treatment.

Specialist fees
Please note that your surgeon, physician, anaesthetist or radiologist is not an employee or agent of the hospital and may invoice you separately or submit their accounts directly to your insurer.

Please confirm with your insurer that you have adequate cover for your treatment by obtaining a pre-authorisation number.

Cancellation Policy
The Hospital reserves the right to charge for appointments which are cancelled at less than 24 hours’ notice.

The Hospital does not accept responsibility for any cash or valuables.

Declaration and consent

By signing the front of this form I authorise the Hospital and/or my consultant to use information about me as stated above and to submit their invoices directly to my insurer. If my insurance is based outside the European Economic Area I give the Hospital permission to send my data to organisations outside the European Economic Area. If the invoices are not met by an insurer or third party, I undertake to settle these accounts promptly on receipt of invoice. 

Consent for collecting, storing and processing personal information

In order to provide you with the best care possible, the Hospital and your consultant, need to record and store information about you. We will keep a record of your demographic details, contact details, next of kin and clinical information.

Your data will be used to:
• Provide health care
• Monitor the progress of your recovery
• Complete insurance claims and invoices
• Report activity to regulatory organisations

Your data will be shared with:
• Your consultant and other healthcare specialists involved in your care including your GP
• Primary Medical Insurances and debt collection agencies if necessary
• National Regulatory organisations
• The Private Health Information Network (PHIN)
• Howard Warwick Associates (patient satisfaction questionnaires and recovery information after your procedure)

The Hospital stores data according to the NHS Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care 2016 which ensures the maximum level of security and accuracy of your data.
You have the following rights regarding your data:
• The right to be informed about what data is stored
• The right to access the data
• The right to rectification of data
• The right to erasure of the data
• The right to restrict processing of the data
• The right to data portability
• The right to object to us storing your data

More information is available in our Fair Processing Policy

The Hospital is accredited for meeting the International Standards Organisation’s standard for data protection (ISO27001) and the NHS data protection standard. If you have any concerns about us storing and processing your data, please speak to a receptionist when returning your registration form. Please tick the appropriate box on the front of this form if you consent to the hospital storing your information.

PHIN information for patients being admitted

As part of a UK-wide programme to improve the public’s access to information on the quality and outcome of private healthcare, we share your NHS Number with the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN). PHIN then sends this number to NHS Digital which links it to national hospital data and mortality data. The linked information, with personal data removed, is then provided to PHIN to measure quality of care and check for adverse events after discharge from New Victoria Hospital, such as unplanned readmissions to Hospital, emergency transfers between hospitals, or deaths following treatment. Additionally, the records we send to PHIN will include your postcode to enable statistical processing. Any information that is published by PHIN will be in anonymised statistical form and will not identify you. The information will not be shared or analysed for any purpose other than those stated above.
Further detail is contained in PHIN’s privacy notice, a copy of which is available to view on PHIN’s website.

Your consent for your personal information to be processed in this way is entirely voluntarily. You do not have to give consent and are free to withdraw consent at any time without giving any reason, and without your medical care or legal rights being affected.