Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) is a minimally invasive urological treatment that is used as an alternative to a Urolift or TURP. It is typically used to remedy the effects of an enlarged prostate in men when there is an obstruction to the flow of urine. It is the only licensed surgical technology for men with urinary symptoms due to a prostate that is more than 80g in size. It has been shown in numerous large studies to reduce the amount of bleeding the surgeon encounters, the length of stay for the patient after surgery and need for any repeat procedures in the future.

At New Victoria Hospital, our renowned urologists are highly skilled in completing Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP) for patients suffering from an enlarged prostate. From initial diagnosis, to treatment, to aftercare, our friendly team will ensure you enjoy the highest standard of care throughout your stay at our hospital in order to give you the best chance of a full and lasting recovery.


What is the Holmium Laser?

The Holmium Laser is a widely-used multipurpose surgical tool within the field of urology. It works using an infrared wavelength which can be absorbed by water in the body’s superficial tissue. This wavelength is invisible to the human eye and as a result creates a solid-state, pulsed laser that emits light in the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It has the ability to cut both hard and soft tissue in the body.

For Urology related surgeries such as the HoLEP treatment, the Holmium Laser is inserted into the body through the urethra without the need for an invasive incision. This specific kind of Holmium laser treatment is particularly effective in lessening the impact of an enlarged prostate

Holmium Laser

Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP)

The prostate is a gland found in men between the penis and the bladder. While it naturally increases in size as men age, for some it can become too enlarged (Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPE)) and can cause problems with regular urinary flow. This commonly happens in men over the age of 50.

Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (widely known as ‘HoLEP’) is a procedure where a Holmium Laser is used to help reduce any obstruction of urinary flow in a patient suffering from BPE without the need for any incisions.

During HoLEP surgery the laser is inserted into the urethra and used to cut away at the bulky, unwanted tissue that is blocking urine flow through the prostate. Once the prostate tissue has been taken away, the surgeon will use another device to further break up the remaining tissue so it can be easily removed from the body.


Holmium Laser treatment at New Victoria Hospital

A patient may be advised that the Holmium Laser is the best form of treatment for their condition. This will depend on the size of the prostate and the extent of urinary symptoms. Throughout their treatment, you will be given all the information and guidance you need so you feel comfortable at every stage of the procedure.

If you would like more information on the HoLEP treatment we provide at New Victoria Hospital, please call us on 020 8949 9020 or fill out an online form. Our team of specialists will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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