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Being In Control Of Your Breast Health - The One-Stop Clinic Experience Of Mona And Andrea

22 October 2020

Patient empowerment is essential both as a process and outcome. Breast patients, Mona and Andrea, share their experience at New Victoria’s One-Stop Breast Clinic, highlighting the importance of making informed decisions.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month - The benefits of One-Stop Clinic

06 October 2020

According to the current UK guidelines for breast cancer screening, mammography is recommended for all women between 50 and 71 years old, every 3 years. Some areas increase the age range to 47 to 73 years old. Breast cancer risk increases with age, however, it can be useful to speak to a breast specialist at a younger age. Prof Zoe Winters, Consultant Breast Surgeon at New Victoria Hospital, talks about the importance of early diagnosis and the benefits of our One-Stop Breast Clinic.