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Breast Cancer And Menopause - Does HRT Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer

21 October 2021

1 million people in the UK use HRT as a menopause treatment. Recent studies on breast cancer risk associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy have led to different findings that might have concerned many women. This article clarifies the role of HRT to treat menopause symptoms and when it’s considered a risk factor for developing breast cancer.

Mastectomy Vs Breast Conservation Surgery - Which One Is Safer

14 October 2021

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be shocking and overwhelming. Most women who go to the clinic are completely healthy and don’t have any other symptoms other than a breast lump that is often tiny or not even palpable. On top of the stress of understanding your diagnosis and treatment options, you might have another question in mind, “Will I lose my breast?”. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Miss Chloe Constantinou, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at New Victoria Hospital, explains which breast surgery procedure between Mastectomy and Breast Conservation is safer.