CT Scans

CT scanning is a painless procedure using radiation to obtain cross sectional images throughout the body and build up a 3D picture. An injection of a contrast agent may be given during the procedure to enhance the blood vessels. A blood test may be required prior to the examination to check for renal problems.

CT scans can be used for lung and chest screening, oncology screening and to aid musculo-skeletal and neurological diagnosis, it is very good at imaging the body as a whole.

All CT scans are performed with a Specialist Consultant Radiologist in attendance and results are normally available on the same day.

A new state of the art CT Scanner was installed at New Victoria Hospital in October 2016. The scanner, a 128 slice Siemens Somatom Definition AS CT Scanner, is capable of adapting to every patient and every clinical question.

The new scanner offers a number of excellent features including:

Lowest Dose: Applying the lowest radiation dose possible is of utmost importance for patients. The dose used is approximately four times lower than those used in
normal angiograms.
High Quality Images: The scanner’s dual energy functionality provides crisp image quality and sharper contrast.
Scanning of Fast Moving Areas: The scanner’s quick rotation times of 0.33 seconds ensure clear images in particular for scans of fast moving areas such as the heart, enabling the
management of patients with heart rates of up 100 bpm.
Fast: The scanning process is complete in under in 5 minutes making it ideal for patients who have difficulty lying still for long periods. This is a fraction of the time compared to normal
angiograms which typically take 60 minutes.
Reduced Waiting: Not only is the scanning time significantly reduced, there is also a much shorter waiting time following the CT scan, with patients able to leave after just 30 minutes.
NICE Recommended: NICE recommend CT Scanning as a first line of investigation for unknown heart disease.

Full Report: All patients will be provided with their own report summary along with key images and a disk of the scan. Copies will also be sent to the referring clinician.

New Non-Invasive CT Coronary Angiogram Service: We now also offer a new non-invasive Cardiac Diagnostic Service which can offer peace of mind to patients with a family history of ischaemic heart disease. Click here for further details

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