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Paying For Your Own Treatment at New Victoria Hospital

Choose when to go private, tailoring your healthcare to suit your needs.

No insurer to deal with, no system to wait in.

And because New Victoria Hospital offers a wide range of clear and affordable

Self Pay packages across most treatments and services, there’s no concern over escalating costs.


You don’t need medical insurance to be treated privately at New Victoria Hospital. Anyone can choose to pay for their own treatment and take advantage of all the benefits that going private offers, including fast admission and your choice of Consultant.


If you require further information regarding Self Pay treatments, please call 020 8949 9090 or use our online contact form.


Our Self Pay Packages

We aim to make the process for our Self Pay patients as simple and transparent as possible by offering fully-inclusive Self Pay packages for most treatments. Before you commence any treatment, you will be provided with a fixed-price quotation for your surgery so you can rest assured that you won't be faced with additional unforeseen costs. 

View our Self Pay treatment prices here



Outpatient Consultant Appointments: Most private treatment starts following a visit, or a number of visits to your GP. Let your GP know if you wish to be referred privately, and they can provide you with a referral letter and may also recommend a Consultant. Although not essential for making a Self Pay appointment with one of our Consultants, a referral letter can be helpful by providing useful medical history. 

Imaging Appointments: You are usually required (in accordance with IRMER) to have a referral letter from your GP, Physiotherapist or Consultant. There are however two exceptions for which you can self-refer. These include:

Physiotherapy Appointments: No referral letter is required for Self Pay patients. 


A Consultant of Your Choice 

Your GP may advise you on an appropriate Consultant. Alternatively, our Outpatient Department will be happy to assist you with your choice of Consultant, advising on specialties and availability. Click here for a full list of Consultants.

Our Consultants are independent practitioners and are not employees or agents of the Hospital and as such their fees do vary. Our Outpatient Department can advise you on your chosen Consultant's Outpatient fee.


To make an appointment to see one of our Consultants call  our Outpatient Team on:

Tel: 020 8949 9020 or request an appointment here.


Your Initial Consultation

During your first appointment, your Consultant will take your medical history, discuss any symptoms that you may be experiencing, carry out a full examination and assess the need for any diagnostic tests. They may also be able to discuss appropriate treatment options at this time.

If you require diagnostic tests such as blood tests or X-rays, these can be performed at New Victoria Hospital, and we will advise you of any associated costs.

Your Consultant will invoice you directly for the cost of your initial Consultation.


Your Self Pay Package

Should you decide, together with your Consultant, to be admitted to New Victoria Hospital for a surgical procedure or any other treatment, you will be provided with a Self Pay guide price. The Hospital will then confirm a Self Pay fixed price at the time of booking. New Victoria Hospital will make all the necessary arrangements for your admission, at a time that suits you and your Consultant. 

What Is Included In Your Self Pay Package

Prior to your admission:

  • A clinical pre-assessment which includes all screening tests carried out at New Victoria Hospital to assess your suitability for treatment at the Hospital 

During your stay in Hospital:

  • All Hospital Fees which include
    • your accommodation in New Victoria Hospital including your meals and non-alcoholic beverages as long as you are required (on the advice of your Consultant) to stay. The Hospital will make no additional charge if, due to a recognised complication of your surgery, you need to stay for longer than originally expected;
    • your nursing care;
    • all physiotherapy and imaging (x-rays and CT scan and MRI)
    • operating theatre charges;
    • all drugs and medical consumables used during your stay at the Hospital;
    • all pathology tests (excluding histology)
    • a standard range of prostheses typically used for the procedure you are having (unless otherwise stated as specifically excluded). The suitability will be discussed with you by your Consultant;
  • All Consultants’ fees for the duration of your stay in Hospital; 

Following discharge:

  • Aftercare package following discharge
    • all take home medication you require on the advice or as prescribed by your Consultant, for a period of up to 7 days.
    • the provision of any standard mobility aids that you may require such as walking sticks and crutches;
    • post-discharge outpatient care (relating to your procedure) will be available to you at New Victoria Hospital for up to six (6) months post-surgery and includes, where applicable:
      • post-operative physiotherapy as deemed clinically necessary*. The number of treatment sessions/time frame offered will depend on the surgical procedure; (*Pain management procedures excluded)
      • removal of sutures, stitches, dressings; 
      • one post-operative x-ray
    • treatment for any clinical complications, or an unsatisfactory aesthetic outcome following cosmetic surgery and subject to the hospital's Term's and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions apply.


If you wish to spread the cost of your treatment over a period of time, New Victoria Hospital's partner Deko, is able to offer flexible finance packages starting from as little as 0%* interest-free. For many patients, choosing to pay for treatment over a period of time can help to make it that much easier to begin treatment immediately. To see how much your required treatment would cost using a Finance Package take a look using our Finance Calculator.


Outpatient Clinics

Consultant Fees - Your Consultant will charge you directly for their consultation fee and any procedures carried out during your appointment.  

Hospital Fees - In addition to the fees charged by your Consultant, the Hospital also charges a service fee for any procedures and tests. The Hospital’s fees are payable on the day of your appointment. All major credit and debit cards are accepted (excluding Amex).    

Admitted Procedures and Surgery

New Victoria Hospital requires patients to pay in advance for Self Pay surgery. We ask that patients pay in full at least 5 working days prior to admission. If a booking is made less than 5 days before Admission, then payment will be required immediately.

The Hospital fee will be charged directly by New Victoria Hospital. The Consultant and Anesthetist fees will either be charged directly by your Consultant or collected by the Hospital on their behalf.

Payment can be made to the Hospital by credit/debit card, by internet bank transfer, by cash or by cheque.


If you require further information regarding Self Pay treatments, please call 020 8949 9090 or use our online contact form.