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Our Ethos

New Victoria Hospital is a very special place and one with which I am extremely proud to be associated.

So what makes New Victoria so special? Well, we are totally – almost to the point of obsession – driven by the achievement of quality patient care. We strive to make every patients' stay with us as pleasant as possible and we do not content ourselves with anything less than perfection. The expertise and compassion of our staff together with our constant investment in the latest and best equipment enable us to have an uncompromising commitment to our patient’s safety and comfort - and this pervades everything that we do.

We believe that quality and integrity are becoming ‘products’ in their own right and which, as the banks will attest, if you fail to provide can have the direst of consequences. We have, from the very beginning, realised this and have striven to provide quality and integrity as an absolute given. This is not a glib statement; it is one that is supported by our innumerable quality assurance accreditations and the many letters I receive thanking the hospital for the service our professional team have provided. In nearly fifty years we have never had any cases of MRSA, MSSA or e.coli since this information was collected - and over the course of the last ten years especially this is no idle boast. We were the first hospital in the country to introduce ISO  9001 Quality Assurance and we are currently accredited for the quality of our service by CHKS Healthcare Accreditation and Quality Unit and is certified ISO 9001:2008. The hospital is also ISO 27001 accredited for management of sensitive data. As I say quality is an obsession.

Since October 2013 we have had our patient feedback monitored by an independent agency, Howard Warwick Associates Ltd (HWA).  During the last completed year (January to December 2018), 98.4% of our respondent patients said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend us to their family and friends, and 99.4% said that our overall nursing care was good, very good or excellent. I could continue in this vein but in essence, our results compared to the other twenty-four London private hospitals that also have their patient feedback independently monitored by HWA, are very significantly better and enable us to say unequivocally that we are, in the minds of our patients, the best private hospital in London.

Another defining characteristic of our hospital is that we are a registered charity and although that doesn’t preclude the requirement for us to run on a commercial footing we try to pitch our charges at the mid-range. Plainly we need to enjoy a return from our efforts in order to re-invest in capital equipment and ensure that the quality of our infrastructure matches the quality of our care but nevertheless the fact that we are a charity ensures that we have a ‘softer’ commercial aspect than many of our competitors. A percentage of our patients are treated pro bono but the bulk of our charitable giving is channelled through our parent charity, The Victoria Foundation, which owns our hospital.

As a significant member of our South West London business community, we recognise the Corporate Responsibility that is associated with being a responsible employer. We do this in many ways - by supporting a number of sports clubs in the area, assisting schools, supporting our local theatre and by playing a positive role in the community that our patients, consultants and staff live and work.


David Marshall

Chief Executive